Holiday to California

California, the 3rd biggest state in the USA and the one with the highest population. Situated at the beaches of the Pacific Ocean, it represents what this fascinating country has become with the help of co-operation and moral ethics. Want to experience a different environment and at the same time enjoy a relaxing and interesting vacation? Then, this is certainly a place you should visit. California is the 5th biggest economy in the world and a large part of that is dependent on the constant tourism that is being conducted on its territory. This is in part the reason why this sector is so much more developed in comparison with destinations in other parts of the world and why it consequently provides more possibilities in terms of sightseeing, special events, established walking-tours and overall experience. Along with its beautiful nature, California is also rich in history and widely known as the “Golden State”, named after the famous gold rush in the 19th century. Grab this “golden” opportunity and consider taking some time off to explore and see many new things in a modernistic and comfortable environment. Learn more about this amazing place and plan your holiday to California only here, at!