Unexpected Detour: The Forgotten Quest

Holiday to California

California, the 3rd biggest state in the USA and the one with the highest population. Situated at the beaches of the Pacific Ocean, it represents what this fascinating country has become with the help of co-operation and moral ethics. Want to experience a different environment and at the same time enjoy a relaxing and interesting vacation? Then, this is certainly a place you should visit. California is the 5th biggest economy in the world and a large part of that is dependent on the constant tourism that is being conducted on its territory. This is in part the reason why this sector is so much more developed in comparison with destinations in other parts of the world and why it consequently provides more possibilities in terms of sightseeing, special events, established walking-tours and overall experience. Along with its beautiful nature, California is also rich in history and widely known as the “Golden State”, named after the famous gold rush in the 19th century. Grab this “golden” opportunity and consider taking some time off to explore and see many new things in a modernistic and comfortable environment. Learn more about this amazing place and plan your holiday to California only here, at donemil.com!

I am happy to tell you more about one of my most exciting adventures as a traveler on donemil.com. A few years ago, I decided to take a short trip to California with my girlfriend Amanda. It was our first vacation together and we expected to spend an unforgettable summer on the beaches of the state and surf in its warm waters.

We started our journey from London, where we lived at the time. We flew with several layovers and after many hours, we arrived in California. There, our expectations were not disappointed, and we really had an unforgettable summer on the beach, surfing, swimming, and having fun.

But one day, while we were surfing, something terrible happened – a shark attacked my girlfriend Amanda. Everything happened very quickly and unexpectedly. The shark was big and powerful, and Amanda struggled to survive. But I could not remain indifferent, watching my beloved woman on the brink of death.

Without hesitation, I raised my surfboard over my head and rushed onto the shark, hitting it in the nose. This dealt her a painful blow and threw her off balance, while I managed to get back to shore with Amanda. But the shark did not give up so easily and continued to move quickly towards us, ready to attack us again.

But I did not give up and decided to fight to the end. I took the shark’s tail and began to drag it into the sea, where I am a strong swimmer. Almost twenty minutes into our battle, the shark became tired and sank into the depths. I had unwittingly ended up far from the shore and was exhausted, but fortunately, a yacht with fishermen who had been following the case with binoculars appeared. They saved me and returned me to the shore.

Despite what happened on the beach, we decided not to let it stop us from having fun in California. So we continued to explore the state and discover incredible places.

One of the most exciting places we visited was the Grand Canyon. There we saw one of the most impressive landscapes in the world. We stood on the edge of the canyon, watching it rise up in front of us, while its bottom stretched for miles and miles down. It was so incredible that it looked like something out of this world.

After returning from the canyon, we spent a few more days at the beach. This time we took some more serious safety measures, but still managed to have fun and enjoy the sea.

On the last night in California, we decided to throw a big party at our house, which was right on the beach. We invited all the friends we had met during our trip and had an incredible evening. We danced until late, drank, and had fun. Amanda and I even managed to forget for a while about what had happened on the beach.

In the end, when everyone left, Amanda and I stayed on the beach, watching the sea waves crashing on the shore. It was so calm and beautiful that all worries and fears disappeared completely. It was as if we were reminded that life can be beautiful and that we should appreciate it in every moment.