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Holiday to Africa

Are you hungry for new experiences? Do you want to visit the unknown and see many things that normally you wouldn’t even consider as realistic? If that is so, then a holiday to Africa may be the perfect decision for you. But why Africa

The Perfect Surrounding

Holiday to Austria

Austria – a country of beauty and prosperity. Deciding to take a vacation to this remarkable place is indeed an action, which will ultimately bring you a lot of new unique experiences and will change your perception of the world in a positive and productive way. 

Fine Food Cuisine

Holiday to Barbados

We have all imagined how one day we will take some time off of our stressful and repetitive lives and go to an island in the Caribbean where we will enjoy the warm shallow waters under the burning sun and lay at the beautiful beaches of the Indian ocean. 

Holiday to California

California, the 3rd biggest state in the USA and the one with the highest population. Situated at the beaches of the Pacific Ocean, it represents what this fascinating country has become with the help of co-operation and moral ethics. Want to experience a different environment and at the same time enjoy a relaxing and interesting vacation?

Holiday to Dubai

Dubai, one of the most luxurious places on planet Earth. With its majestic skyscrapers, unique architectural construction, amazing hotels, and fascinating culture, this is by far one of the few destinations, which have established themselves in the leading role of international tourism. 

Holiday to Turkey

Holiday to Turkey – . Turkey – a place of rich history, magnificent nature and beautiful women. Here in we try our best toreviews from tourists that have recently had a holiday in Turkey.

The Best Experience Ever

Holiday to Bulgaria – . Bulgaria – a place of rich history, magnificent nature and beautiful women. Here in we try our best to give out all the necessary information to the general public about tourism in this fascinating country so if you are planning a holiday to Bulgaria and want to find the best place at the best price – this is the right website for you! At you will find a multitude of different opinions and reviews from tourists that have recently had a holiday in Bulgaria.

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Hi there! We're Amanda and Don Emil. We've been traveling around the world together for over a decade, exploring unique destinations, cultures and adventures.

How it all began

My Most Memorable Journey in the Depths of Africa

My relationship with Africa began about five years ago when I first got the feeling that I was drawn to its unique and extraordinary places. The thought of visiting any of the countries there made me excited and quite curious. The “Mother Continent” has always been marked as a place of suffer because of the serious climate changes, hunger crises and lack of proper education. However, this is not how I saw it when I finally decided I am going on a trip there!
Let me tell you about my whole experience.
Of course, everything started by me choosing the right place to visit. Well, I have to be honest that I haven’t actually realized how big this continent is before I began my ‘research’. As I didn’t have the time to do a trip all across Africa, I thought that Serengeti National Park would give me the best first impression. Just what I needed!
Stepping into the 1.5 million ha of savanna and feeling the burning hot air within my lungs immediately got me back into Joy Adamson’s books. It was as if all the trees, the bushes, the roads, the life in the reserve as a whole have not changed since the times when she wrote about them. As I could notice, the tourist group I was with was as amazed and out of words as I was. We stopped a few times to take pictures and admire the nature, but the most fascinating view of them all was when I first spotted the scenery from the high rock near the entrance. The sanctuary was so huge and spectacular that I would say time was just a term that had no meaning there.
Probably the only thing that has gone through an outside, human interference was the place we were accommodated to. I should definitely say a few words about these nice cozy houses as they truly deserve it. It turns out they are built in such a harmony with the nature that their pastel earthy colors somehow made them blend with the landscape. People there have built special wooden bridges not only for the tourists, but also for the animals passing by. How thoughtful!
I have to say, being in Africa means there are adventures around every corner. Each and every day I woke up with the noise of animals that were far enough so I didn’t have to hide under the bed. Joking apart, it was really an unforgettable experience to start every day with a morning safari. I was so excited about it that I used to get up at dawn, have a quick brekkie with my cup of coffee and jump into the day. Each time we set a different challenge for the
group. For example, one day we were searching for lions, the other – for giraffes or other exotic creatures. I really enjoyed us going around Serengeti with a jeep and looking for adventures but I have to admit I felt a bit sad as well. This feeling first hit me when we finally got to see a leopard, one of the “Big Five”. There were cars full of tourists all over the place and all of us were almost fighting to get the best shot, while the poor animal was standing there all confused and not knowing where to go. It just broke my heart!
It wasn’t all about the animals, though. While I was on a trip to Seronera Wildlife Lodge I had to witness the beauty of the savanna itself. I really admire Africa’s nature that’s still kept so green and untouched as well as Seronera river’s crystal clear waters. I also learnt some interesting things that I didn’t know before. For example, I would have never thought that Serengeti’s centre Seronera is being protected by Frankfurt Zoological Society (FZS). I was also intrigued to learn that FZS is amongst the first organizations to fight against the politics of Tanzania from 2010 when they wanted to build a road passing though Serengeti. Luckily, even UNESCO got involved into this argument and Tanzania’s authority quickly gave up on the project.
Unfortunately, all good things come to an end and my journey was over before I could even realize it. I have to say I am quite disappointed that I am not part of Discovery or National Geographic’s team so I could stay at least a bit longer! It may sound like a paradox, but being so far away from home made me feel as if I was home. It’s probably because of my love and compassion for animals and their unique nature, or it may be because of my passion to travel and explore new and interesting places… Who would ever know?!

A Trip Back in Time: Exploring Turkey’s Biggest City

It turns out not “all roads lead to Rome”, after all! Sometimes there are tracks that take us somewhere else and whether it’s sudden or not, gingerly or vigorous, it doesn’t really matter…Because in the end it’s the unforgettable memories that stick in your mind forever. To be honest, I am extremely happy that my destiny met me with Istanbul – a city that brings you back in time and makes you learn so much more about history and yourself!
So, you already got it. The direction is southeast where the city splits Europe from Asia but connects Black and Marmara Sea. It’s also where back in 3rd century Constantine the Great has found a place for a new capital of the Roman Empire. In his ambition to build a city greater than Rome, the emperor has made quite a unique decision choosing Bosphorus’ shores. And that’s how it has all started. For less than 6 years more than million people’s hard work finally raised former Constantinople, a city greater than ever.
Well, I couldn’t skip such a beautiful and intriguing country as Turkey let alone visiting its biggest town that we know as Istanbul today. Being a sworn travel enthusiast, I quickly got my suitcase and was ready for a trip that was later going to turn my life upside down!
My first impression when I set foot on the cosmopolitan streets of Istanbul was that it looks like a wet aquarelle. It’s so bright, fresh and cheery that I can’t help but compare it to a live painting. On the hills of both sides of Bosphorus there are all types of buildings that look different but somehow complement each other. But what really caught my attention was all the culture that hides within this city, the striking mixture of religions all of which have learnt to live together and, last but not least, the palette of different tastes from sour to sweet, from salty to bitter, peppery or whatever. But let me take you through all these one by one!
In case you’ve ever happened to see Dolmabahçe Clock Tower, you will definitely feel me as I describe it. I am hardly the one who can put it into the right words about how wonderful this architectural achievement is. With its unique Neo-Baroque style, the tower fits perfectly to the dome and minarets of the mosque right across.
My next stop couldn’t be any more exciting! It was the very famous Church of Hagia Sophia. I have to admit that this spectacular building is probably the biggest and most impressive historical monument that I’ve ever seen. In fact, it is so huge that it could hardly fit into my camera’s lens. The whole crowd with tons of people, pets and whatever your mind can perceive couldn’t make me give up on exploring this beauty from within. And here I was in front of this magnificent piece of art waiting on the line to learn more about something I probably should have known long time ago. This building, also known as “Holy Wisdom”, which is now officially a Holy Grand Mosque, was built in 537 and turned out to be the largest Christian church back then. I had the chance to learn so many historical facts about the construction itself that I have to say I was quite honored to be standing right where I was. Our guide told us that Hagia Sophia was built so quickly (for less than 6 years!), but due to the seismic activity in that region its dome has been destroyed a couple of times. People wouldn’t leave it like this, though, as we now see it fully reconstructed with all its glory. For a moment I was thinking about what our predecessors were and what a strong will, patriotism and devotion they used to have in order to never quit. Thanks to them today we, the simple tourists and people of the world, are able to feel the power of blood and faith. Because getting to know about a single piece of history in the depths of a megacity…this just feels unreal!
And then, if I could just go back to the steep streets of Bebek quarter or stroll around Istiklal Avenue, admiring all the beautiful buildings there and eating their traditional foods and delicacies! This whole experience made me realize that the cosmopolis is always ready to show you what you need to see, but only if you know where and how to find it.
Having my time with the city let me explore freely and thus find lots and lots of interesting places, people and cultural events. It truly was a trip back in time as getting to know Istanbul didn’t just help me be one step closer to history…It felt like breathing in the history itself!

My Unforgettable Experience in Beautiful & Boundless Austria

I remember when I was a kid my parents often told me: “Remember, Emil, that happiness is a way of travel, not a destination.” It took me ages to understand the real meaning that hides behind those simple words. And yet, today I am lucky enough to have realized how important it is to be nothing else but happy with your own life!
One of the very best things I can give away to myself is travelling itself. My endless love and passion to explore different countries with their traditions, cultures and history is what brought me to the intriguing, breathtaking Republic of Austria. Let me take you there with me today, OK?
I can still recall the first day I landed at Vienna Airport, or as the locals name it, using their difficult and yet very interesting language, “Flughafen Wien”. Although it was freezing cold outside, I could still feel that this would be one truly unforgettable holiday. And that’s how it was!
During my whole trip I had quite a few stops at different cities, little villages and places where nature was the only inhabitant. However, it’s just two of my visits that I want to tell you about today.
So, my first stop was, of course, the capital of Austria. To be honest, I am pretty sure that Vienna is a ‘must-visit’ destination at least once in your life. The city is so charming with its Baroque architecture, adventure corners and cultural events that I could hardly notice the temperatures were below 0. All the adrenaline that “burns” inside you while you stroll down the streets makes you feel energetic and full of positive emotions.

Property in Bulgaria

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Nature of Bulgaria

The rich nature of Bulgaria provides the opportunity to find your long lost connection to the earthly and simple existential pleasures that were once enjoyable and appreciated but with the technological development of the world got hardly accessible. Hiking at the amazing Bulgarian mountains or hunting at the endless wilderness, you will find your true self or at least a new and exciting activity that you didn’t know of! If you are not a fan even of the rural kind of houses in Bulgaria for sale, then we have more options for your taste such as different apartments at the bigger and more important towns in this country. No matter your taste, the experience you want to feel or the reason to buy property for sale in Bulgaria, we have countless options to offer. Don’t miss out on your chance and take a good look around!

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