After a lengthy preparation, I finally set off from London to Bulgaria, where an incredible journey through the mountain of Orpheus – the Rhodopes – awaited me. Surrounded by ancient legends and hidden mysteries, this unique region captivated me from the very first moments.

I arrived in one of the most beautiful nature parks in the Rhodopes, preserved from the modern world, with rich flora and fauna. As I wandered through the mountain, I was struck by the majesty of the oak, spruce, and pine trees, while my heart rejoiced at the birds singing their joyful melodies. The legends of Orpheus, the mythical poet and musician, intertwined with nature here, enveloping it in an invisible veil of magic.

The bears here are harmless and primarily feed on fruits. During one of my walks, I encountered a bear trapped in a poacher’s snare. I could not remain indifferent to this creature in distress, so I decided to help it break free. The bear showed gratitude, following me at a distance as I traversed the mountain pass. It even protected me from a group of wolves that crossed our path.

The adventure intensified as I reached the Devil’s Throat cave, believed to house a tunnel to the underworld. It was evening, and I witnessed a terrifying phenomenon – I saw the silhouette of a man descending into the cave. My heart raced with excitement, assuming it was the spirit of Orpheus, descending into Hades’ realm to search for his beloved Eurydice. This moment left an indelible impression on me and reinforced my belief in the mystical power of the Rhodopes.

I also visited Cross Forest, a place where couples spend the night in the belief that it will help them conceive a child more easily. It was amusing to observe the different traditions and beliefs that exist on this sacred land.

Finally, I explored the ancient site of Perperikon, thought to be the fortress of Dionysius. There, I was able to sense the power of ancient traditions and understand the importance of the cultural heritage passed down from generation to generation.

After this amazing journey through the Rhodopes, I left with new dreams and a desire to return and explore the Devil’s Throat more thoroughly, but this time with a group of people who share my passion for adventure and the mystical secrets of the mountain.

This journey was an enriching experience that showed me unknown sides of the world and provided a new perspective on the power of nature and the myths that come alive in people’s imaginations. I am delighted to share this story with you, hoping that you will be inspired to discover your own adventures and uncover the magic hidden within the mystical Rhodopes.


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