Property in Bulgaria


Bulgaria is a place of beauty and tranquility. With its unique nature, this is the right location for a calm and pleasant rest. At you can find out all about the property in Bulgaria. Be it for the beautiful and one of a kind environment that this country’s climate provides or for the warm and understanding people at the rural areas and suburbs, there are numerous benefits of buying real estate in this small but welcoming part of the world. There are several distinct types of houses for sale in Bulgaria. At first place we put the Authentic Bulgarian Style houses aged 150 years and more that are renovated and ready to be appreciated and admired by their new owners.

Unique vision

Their unique vision and amazing built qualities will guarantee an atmosphere of familiarity and relaxation. If you are not so much into history or want something more modern and refreshing – don’t worry, at you will find a multitude of villas near big cities, mountain and seaside resorts. Their unique conception and design will spark countless different emotions and energies that will stimulate you to explore, socialize and be part of a friendly community that will guarantee you a good and well-spent time of enjoyment and restfulness.

Nature of Bulgaria

The rich nature of Bulgaria provides the opportunity to find your long lost connection to the earthly and simple existential pleasures that were once enjoyable and appreciated but with the technological development of the world got hardly accessible. Hiking at the amazing Bulgarian mountains or hunting at the endless wilderness, you will find your true self or at least a new and exciting activity that you didn’t know of! If you are not a fan even of the rural kind of houses in Bulgaria for sale, then we have more options for your taste such as different apartments at the bigger and more important towns in this country. No matter your taste, the experience you want to feel or the reason to buy property for sale in Bulgaria, we have countless options to offer. Don’t miss out on your chance and take a good look around!